Reality Bites


Freelancing is nice, it gives you the flexibility to exercise your time and choose options that are suitable to you.  There is a whole world out there to explore and discover your niche and find something that suits what you want to do. This is when I may sound older or like I am doling out advice but I felt this needed to go out there.

In the recent past last year I freelanced with an organisation where an ex-colleague was working and I did find the organisation strange. My intuition and vibes are strong and I felt something was grossly amiss yet I could not exactly say what or why I felt that way. I worked for short durations and mainly in my spare time after doing my 9-5 job and put in close to 10-20 hours in total for the two months.

Suddenly the girl I was working with called to tell me she was quitting and soon the others followed. Eventually the person leading the team also put in his papers. It has been 2 months since all this happened and my payments are not cleared yet. That was not the end of the story. The HR person was connected to some really shady liaisons in 2012 and newspaper reports carried his name and the name of another organisation which was connected to this one.

It is important to do thorough background checks before spending time to take up anything that is freelancing work since it involves people who hide their past and undertake tasks that are not ethical.

I just turned a little more wiser post this experience and realised ignoring my intuition is not something I can do because it often and always keeps me safe and protects me from places I should not be a part of or visit. As women this is a special gift and using it wisely will help avoid mistakes that often others are unable to fathom.


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