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My storehouse of power- “Ma”

To the special person in my life besides the whole lot of friends, family who make life extra special for me. My mom, who I call my ma makes a lot of my world and possibly is one person who has seen most of me and all my moods, rants, not-so nice moments and still loves me unconditionally. She is the bestie who look at newfound curiosity at all my social media posts and take pride in all that I choose to do without understanding it fully. The bond I share with her is something that very few people will understand or even comprehend. I cherish it and of course at times just like any other kid I take it for granted and scream and throw horrible tantrums or cry my lungs out.. Her unquestioning support in my career choices have been my anchor, led me to new journeys of creativity which would not have happened without her firm belief before every job interview/project/assignment. She encourages me when I fail and hit lows and cooks the most heavenly food in the world because she adds a magical dose of love. 

Love is what makes my world go around. Love is what I feel for the universe when I wake up and pray to the inner strength to help me do all that I need to. Love is what my grandparents shared with me and left a legacy of love.

Love is what ma has had for me from the time she was single handedly taking care of me at 3 months, all the countless cities we lived in, all the houses we shifted, all the schools she changed, all the art, music and countless classes she taught and took me to, all the lunch boxes she packed, all the snotty noses she wiped, fever she brought down, tears she hid and shed, all her effort to ensure that I had a good school to go and a clean bed to sleep in, all the times I was hospitalised and she was beside me, all the times she cheers for me and all the times she is the toughest critic.

During the last 29 years the most important part of my life has been love. I don’t believe in celebrating it only on a particular day, it is an ongoing feeling in my life. My story is one that believed in true love and has seen the strongest relationships stand the test of time because of love. Love is always around us, waking up to it is self exploration and a journey.

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