Life in India, Reality

Dealing with Mean People

When someone is deliberately mean & rude to you- Either you can confront them or be extra nice to them.

Rude behaviour generates from deep stemmed insecurity & underlying fears which often is unfounded or based on a certain perception they view as a threat.

The last few days I have been talking to various people and realising that mean people exist everywhere, but by confronting and shouting back at them it may not solve anything, rather it might lead you to the same behaviour you are trying to avoid.
Bring on the sugar, add the spice & show them it takes a lot or perhaps nothing to be nice!

Also empathy, sympathy, sensitivity are not overrated, learning to know how and when to channelise that is what can make a difference.


I also had a sort of argument with a friend who mentioned that job description entailed that people were not sensitive or mean. I found it hard to believe that leaders had to be insensitive or unkind to be leaders. I do not agree with the notion that leadership involves shouting,screaming and mean behaviour.


More on this soon..


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