Sensitivity is not overrated

Sensitivity is a special emotion, it takes a lot to be sensitive. To feel pain, to connect to someone who is going through pain, to reach out to someone who is hurt and yet smile while connecting to them. It is not fluke you feel the same that another person goes through and reach out to listen to them or wait for them to vent. It is special to have empathy and sensitivity and listen to others and care for them. Sensitivity will never be overrated, in fact I find it disappearing from leaders, disappearing from neighbours, disappearing from co-workers and on the whole disappearing from the world at large. It does make me scared to think of a robotic world that is so focused on themselves that they are unable to see anything that does not fall naturally in their line of thought. It is so easy to be rude, mean or diss someone for being sensitive without realizing that the action can cause someone to further go into a shell.

This article articulates what was running through my mind and this particular paragraph resonated with me for various reasons: “If you are a sensitive soul, sometimes you fall hard for the wrong person because they concealed their inner darkness. By the time you see the ugliness inside them, you are so invested that it is hard for you to walk away. It may break you but you will never easily give up.”

And then I read this:

“If you are a sensitive soul, you show who you are and how you are. You don’t play games, and you don’t believe in keeping mysteries. You expect the same in return, but most of the world keeps their masks on for too long.

If you are a sensitive soul, you forget to take care of yourself and you forget to focus on your own needs, because your intuitive nature means you can read people’s feelings and you end up doing more for them while neglecting your own self.”

This Is Why Sensitive Souls Have The Hardest Time Falling In Love


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