Short Spins, Urban Tales

Chasing memories

Chasing memories,

With you there were so many stories..

Driving through the city,

Laughing at your jokes, perhaps not all witty,

Your love for me, my naïve sense of insecurity,

Your reassuring voice calming me down,

My love for you changed its course.

Slowly I realized you were not the same boy I fell in love with,

There were too things changing in our lives,

Somewhere love was lost,

I walked on ahead without you beside me,

You seemed to stand at that bend in the road and never stopped loving me.

I did not turn back,

My love and passion withered away,

I knew I could not be true to you or give any more of myself.

Perhaps I did not make the effort anymore,

But if love was about making efforts, then was it love?


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