Urban Tales

The scent of danger

The scent of danger

He was dark and mysterious,

Little did she know his energy was contagious,

Love seemed to tear their worlds apart,

Yet they were similar they realized with a start.


He was lonely and yet always in a crowd,

She left the crowd behind and he sought her out.

She knew his hugs were not indicative of the love she felt for him,

It was love that was forbidden,

It was love that the world would label,

Yet there seemed a deep attraction everytime she met him,

His smiles, his lies and her sighs,

Were all a part of the mix of the word love for her..


She was attracted to the scent of danger,

A lone tigress she hunted alone and in territories that were unexplored,

She prowled quietly and he knew she was angry,

His kisses silenced her anger,

Yet she knew there was no territory she owned nor to him would she ever belong..


He was a localite and a town brat,

Everyone knew of him, if not in person,

She was a nerd by day and party lover by night,

But over his love she had no right,

She snatched the little time she had with him,

Knowing that someday he would walk away and never look back.

After all the scent of danger left the hunter hurt,

But what was life without a risk in the matter of the heart!


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