Ode to Bullies

Bullies distort,
Bullies attack in small gangs or groups,
Bullies mock,
Bullies jest,
But their ultimate aim is to humiliate you and make you cringe with shame,
Give into their dirty ploys, demeaning jokes,
All the while making you think you are the ‘bloke’.

Bullies exist everywhere,
They don’t disappear,
But every time you stand up for yourself,
They think of a new ploy to break you.
Little do they realise the games have changed, the rules are laid by the underdog, cause after all the bully’s mentality is the same,
While you have undergone a sea of change!

Their sarcastic grins,
Their wait for you to fall and trip,
Only they don’t realise your changed mentality is out of their slimy grip!


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