Life in India, Reality, Urban Trysts


Perceptions differ,

I see through things that you cannot even comprehend,

I lead a life you cannot ever imagine exists,

Yet I smile and breathe and stay far away from being cynical!


I make choices that are far from always being perfect,

I take leaps of faith,

I can see through your ploys to break my artistic soul,

I can see through your nasty comments on my creativity,

But I find in reality,

You are not funny or actually even witty!


You were born with a silver spoon and went up the ladder because of your connections,

While I am still making new connections and working it out on my own,

My journey I am proud of, my scars I wear and own fearlessly,

Your cowardice, tactics of bullying me will not affect me,

After all you sit in your rosy world cocooned by glass walls that shelter your real personality,

It is you who fear the stones that you throw at me,

Lest they break your carefully constructed glass penthouse

Unleashing a stream of reality with which you cannot cope,

After all going to a party, laughing at someone is what you define as witty!


It has taken me a lot of hard work to get beyond what the world perceives I should do or be,

I know you envy the fact that I can choose to be me,

After all glass houses have cages that could make you fall hard below gravity!






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