Life in India

Slipper: Spoilt brat alert!

Bring out the slipper,
Really is it necessary asks his secretary while readjusting his brown wig?
Grins the staggering man with a slightly cold snicker.
The secretary hurries forward through Gate 1A with the black slim Samsonite.

After all that’s the only language the Man decides is right,
It will light a mountain of volcanic pride.

Ego going up in flames,
While his demands aren’t ever the same,
He looks at them from a distance with the slight grin,
The rest are busy insulting each other in a petty blame game.

But the person on the other side,
Will not take this lightly while huffing and puffing continuously in slow stride.
Meanwhile the stagger and grin become even more bigger in the oddly lit first class cabin.

The rest of those,
Who choose to oppose the Man will be termed anti-this or anti-that,
The nation still has to put up with an errant, spoilt brat!



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