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Urban Indian Women: Their take on “Marriage”

The tools we have in our hands must empower us to be the change we wish to see in the world around us,” Ruam points out.

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Why marriage isn’t the be all and end all of our urban lives?
Exciting to share my take on this that got carried in this article along with many other brave, fearless women.
For years marriage has been talked about like as if it is the sole purpose of a woman’s existence, as if the burden of procreation is all she exists for. That notion hasn’t changed, in my years of being single and not single I have faced that question from across walks of life and all people.
It’s not that I am marching towards with a flag that says anti-marriage, but my individuality cannot be defined ‘only’ by an institution. It is a call each one must take for themselves.
A close mentor told me before you get married, think through why is it that you want to get married!
Possibly I have stirred the hornet’s nest and caused many to raise eyelids by what I expressed in the article. It is absolutely my point of view and perspective, amongst the other narratives that are out there.
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