Indian women, Life in India

Separate Lines

Eating that meat,
Drinking red wine,
Wearing black suits,
Oh, he’s just adapted to new roots!

But she’s given leftover pieces of meat,
Never any glass of wine,
Not that she wants to drink, but the lines are separate by that very glass of drink.
Why is it not good to wear a dress,
Oh, but ‘Salwar kameez’ is less stress.
Because in their family, it is not a traditional narrative of progress!

The minute the glass is in his hand with a cigar, there are hushed silences everywhere,
No one questions his decision to wear shorts while holding that drink!

That same son drives home late,
Drunk but that does not lead to a debate.
Their own daughter is locked up in her room,
After all she chose to study further, also refused another eligible groom.

His divorce is filed,
Yet the pity and blame is towards the wife who could not take care of their son’s life!
She takes care of the aging parents,
But she’s a daughter unmarried fulfilling her noble call to duty.

The narrative shifts,
The differences widen,
When it’s her, it rather not be grey,
When it’s him, he is the poor victim they say,
or is he the ‘prey’.


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