This is a topic I have been wanting to address and talk about. In a week I come across at least one incident which enrages me since it is uncalled for and often rack my brains and think if I have said something wrong or is it that a sensitive person is more susceptible to rudeness?

  • Why are people rude when in the world each one of us is looking for kindness and affirmation?
  • When are people rude- under threat or if under a lot of pressure?
  • Why are people unnecessarily rude and unprofessional?
  • Does power bring in a sense of entitlement and rudeness?
  • Is it got to do with the economic pressures one is dealing with?

It is the thing that makes me absolutely furious and yesterday while checking on someone and asking about their parent, suddenly the conversation turned to a rude indication of a mean gesture and it kept me wondering where I went wrong.

How do we create a world that is civil? How do we set such expectations for someone else? What is that we can do to create an environment which is polite yet not fake and mean, is it gender based or does it have a larger trigger. I am thinking about this and will share more responses to this.


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