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I saw an interesting post on a friend’s wall on Facebook, the writer of the article wrote in length about the things that PR folks do which annoy journalists and editors. It opened up a discussion of all sorts which threw up questions, diverse perspectives and basically created a space for sharing different views in a healthy manner.

I am not going to start a debate by stating 10 points which I find irksome or tough to handle with respect to media. Just like days when I have shared joy of published articles with colleagues, I have called friends from washrooms and broken down over humiliating experiences but it didn’t make me loose faith in either field. And I am still learning new lessons everyday. 🙂 There have been episodes  where I have come across extremely rude people who have been nasty for no reason or never responded to my mails. But I have come across passionate, hard-working men and women who do all their homework and are on the lookout for good stories and work hard to get them out. It has been a mixed learning curve that has given me delight and anxiety.

What I find works well and favourably whether one is working with a fellow PR professional/journalist is being clear about what to expect and what not to, being merely aggressive without any reason brings on further aggression from the other end. Tones matter whether on the telephone or in person.

However if the content is exciting there will be a hundred different ways to tell the story. Sadly sometimes even the ‘best stories’ do not make it to headlines and those voices motivate me to work harder to ensure that lesser known narratives, unheard voices, unknown stories reach the ends of the earth.

It’s immature to play hide and seek with each other and test who knows how much. It is impossible to know everything but highly possible that in rare instances one knows nothing.

It is a delicate world of co-existence, there will be heartaches and disagreements as in any other field, but hopefully we can respectfully choose to ‘agree to disagree’. There aren’t any manuals that have best practices on how to manage a tough PR professional or a persistent journalist, we learn along the way as we give the space to each other to grow, bond and build trust. It is not an overnight magical process where once the seeds are thrown, the next day there’s a large beanstalk leading up to the castle above clouds. It requires tons of patience, huge amount of heartbreak and passion for what one does and constant belief in oneself that mustn’t die despite a hundred rejections. Most of all one must be prepared to hear many a NO and celebrate every YES!

On that note it’s entertaining to know, many of us have stories that would definitely make for a fabulous #behindthescenes book.


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