A little bit about me!!!


Bio: Brains and humour are my tools of survival in the urban world I live in. I can laugh at myself and of course the country I live in gives me a hundred reasons to laugh. A writer, dreamer, poet, home-cook, nature-lover, musician and a philosopher would describe parts of me. Experimenting with hobbies like craft, art, music, dance, learning new things, reading and travelling keep me on my toes and busy. I love drinking coffee, green tea on a regular basis and a glass of single malt once in a while with my close friends. My mornings definitely begin with coffee. This blog is all about what I see, hear, feel from the people who are around me and what they go through in an urban world. The triggers are from city life and dailyness, since I am a city-girl. Over time my blog has changed as have my perceptions about life and people as well... Change is the only constant in life. I write because words are my world and they keep flowing from within and take me on journeys. This is also a personal endeavour of a different journey to discover, explore and unleash the writer within me..

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5 thoughts on “A little bit about me!!!”

  1. No one at home it seems, but nevertheless . . . . .
    Welcome to the blog The Journey Up The Mountain – may it help.
    N.B. The blog is only a copy of The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III which is the first sequel to the book The Milk Is White.

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