Urban Tales

Letting Go

How do you let go of someone you once loved? How do you let go of the memories you once created? How do you let go of love that once existed? Letting go is possibly the toughest thing to do and be a part of... Letting go is heartbreakingly painful at every level and sort… Continue reading Letting Go

Urban Tales

Passion Unbridled

Deep passion stirred her, But it was not the sexual tones that flavoured the conversation with her friend last night, Nor was it a scene from a porn clip, because despite being modern Sheila did not like porn, Some of her friends had tried to ease her into watching it but they discovered she was… Continue reading Passion Unbridled

Urban Tales

There is no room for three!

Love is about two for me, Perhaps it is different for you, but that is up to you.. For me love is sharing soul and mind, perhaps a little bit of heart too, For me love is beyond space and time and definitely a forever story..   Story 1: Her fragrance filled the living room,… Continue reading There is no room for three!