Confused Relationships

Friendship and love take a confused leap together and sometimes one looses perspective till one gets a nudge. It is strange how friends can fall in love and out of love or move on in love, also strange because the boys you grow up with, you do not expect to be involved with romantically some… Continue reading Confused Relationships

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  Her hair carelessly tied into a knot, Made him glance at her with a second thought. She looked perfectly angelicĀ  while sleeping in her uncomfortable flight seat, Days of endless working had made him dead beat, Yet he was not immune to her beauty, He did not see any rings on her fingers, Thoughts… Continue reading Glances

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Everything seemed too good to be true, You walking down the street with your brown leather jacket, While I chatted away on my phone waiting for you, It seemed like a dream come true.   Time flew while you drank whisky and I sipped on my gin tonic, I did not realize with you there… Continue reading Masks

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Urban Tales

She stopped by his office, There was a lot on her mind, She wanted to sip wine, kick her heels off & unwind.. He was busy with his Mac & I-Phone, Never had time to talk to her, even acknowledge her nor did he hear her moan, She collapsed , his world seemed to blank… Continue reading Urban Tales

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The white lie

She gave her heart away to him, Day one he realised she was definitely into him, He led her on, She walked with him a mile along, But her love he said was wrong.. How could love be wrong, wondered the girl, He said there was a generation if not more of difference between him… Continue reading The white lie

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She loved her mom, She loved her dad, Atleast she tried to.. But with love came responsibilities & duties, Her writing slowly took a backbench, She was left aloof on life's big trench.. It is important to walk with others, yet it is important to also express & be yourself, She wondered aloud, If the… Continue reading Space

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Dream a little dream

Long seemed the path & at times twisted & bending, A lot of soul searching, A walk that seemed unending, A journey that was not condescending.. Once a painter, once an actress, At another time a singer, ballet dancer, She learnt horse riding, A lot of things in which she kept dabbling, Until she discovered… Continue reading Dream a little dream