Some Nights

On some nights you have all the answers, On some nights the questions never end... On some nights you wonder aloud if you're right or wrong, On some nights you are singing a sad song.... On some nights the stars seem far away, On some nights you want the clouds to hide away from the …

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Holding onto Faith

The most essential part of a relationship, Is having patience and faith, Love needs these two, To hold onto in times difficult, To believe in when things are not easy, If relationships are like clay and mud, Then faith is the oxygen, Hope the ray of sunshine, Love the very essence of it all.   …

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Everything seemed too good to be true, You walking down the street with your brown leather jacket, While I chatted away on my phone waiting for you, It seemed like a dream come true.   Time flew while you drank whisky and I sipped on my gin tonic, I did not realize with you there …

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