You win some, you lose some!

There are things worth sharing and things not worth sharing. This one you guys judge, but I have enough comedy and tragedy in real life which is possibly why I see through Smriti's dramatic antics. 1. Mother & I made peace over my choice to study arts and not take up science, it happened via… Continue reading You win some, you lose some!


Sunshine Soul: Series 1

The smell in the sari faded over the years, Ma told me it's not the same smell anymore, Her presence I still felt in those walls, in that house. Why do you love Calcutta they asked? Maybe because the city was all about visiting her, My summer holidays, My winter breaks, Durga Pujo, I don't… Continue reading Sunshine Soul: Series 1

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Ode to Bullies

Bullies distort, Bullies attack in small gangs or groups, Bullies mock, Bullies jest, But their ultimate aim is to humiliate you and make you cringe with shame, Give into their dirty ploys, demeaning jokes, All the while making you think you are the 'bloke'. Bullies exist everywhere, They don't disappear, But every time you stand… Continue reading Ode to Bullies

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Resistance through choices- Series 1

Fueled by passion, With an appetite for risk, Looking for the extra in ordinary, Walking on a path not taken by many, Driven by the need to make a change, Harnessed by determination that is fierce to shake, Discarded by the world for not making their standard of enough.. Her script of life will never… Continue reading Resistance through choices- Series 1

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Everything seemed too good to be true, You walking down the street with your brown leather jacket, While I chatted away on my phone waiting for you, It seemed like a dream come true.   Time flew while you drank whisky and I sipped on my gin tonic, I did not realize with you there… Continue reading Masks

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Walk away

Walk away when things go wrong, You know your head is still wrapped within a song.. You have cut every chord loose, Held yourself together yet gotten too stuck inĀ  a rut..   Sometimes walking away is not a choice, You know it is painful and so does your little inner voice.   When you… Continue reading Walk away