Last of the Twenties

It has been a roller-coaster if I look back the at last 9 years and there have been heartaches, heartbreaks, tears, loss, love, friendship, work, changes of all sorts. It is so hard to recall those tumultuous times in a jiffy and think of those years when those issues seemed to never end or lead… Continue reading Last of the Twenties


People are the same everywhere!

Just like talking down happens across organisations, being outspoken and blunt is not a favourite and people do not respond kindly to being talked with in a straightforward manner. It is strange that nepotism actually works in a reverse manner in some people‚Äôs favour. Sometimes it is hard to break clubs and groups that work… Continue reading People are the same everywhere!

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Last few months of Twenties

Mistakes, choices, reasons, justifications, lessons, heartbreak, excitement, laughter, loss, love, hate, failures, rejections, impulse, fear..all a part of the journey in the twenties. Not sure the curve was what I thought I wanted when I was 20 and fresh out of college. But what is life without surprises and risks, not everything turns out perfect… Continue reading Last few months of Twenties


Domestic Violence   The link to the article is above. It shocked me and of course hurt me at various levels. This time I am furious, I am unable to understand why marriage is such a sacred institution and yet someone has the gall to treat a woman like shit within it. It is outrageous and… Continue reading Domestic Violence

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Coping with heartache

It is hard to say when it hits but when it does, it feels like nothing in the world is right nor will be. It hits sometimes at work or sometimes at night, there are no specific timings for it to hit and no time-table. What is the root cause-depression, pain, anxiety, loneliness? What is… Continue reading Coping with heartache