January Thoughts

Today is not I day I will ramble, Nor will I fumble, I want to be perfect in more ways than one, Yet nothing in this world is quite perfect...   The messages on my phone remind me of people who have gone, Perhaps they were not meant to be, School and college friends who… Continue reading January Thoughts


They won’t marry you!

Hot, sexy, smart, opinionated, pretty, feisty, sultry and enigmatic yet you don't make it to marriage material list girl, how many of you have heard this from the men in your life who you are interested in or men you have dated? Strangely making the cut was never on my mind nor was being the… Continue reading They won’t marry you!

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Single- To be or not to be

Part 1 3 takeaways from my recent Calcutta trip: 1. Marriage is an important question everyone is curious about the minute they spot a single, eligible person! 2. Weight is on everyone's mind and yet they tell you that you have not eaten enough mishti when you visit them! 3. Choosing a career that is… Continue reading Single- To be or not to be

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My fury

My fury, My anger, My angst, My rant, My thoughts, My outrage, My life seems like a performance on a stage!   My walks, My voice, My love, my choice, My opinion, My resolution, My head on my shoulders, My hiding behind those pillars and breaking societal moulds like boulders!   My pain, My refrain,… Continue reading My fury

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My list of Goals for 2017

Generic Goals Breathe more and to bloom where I am planted... To keep reading more Learn something new Travel, travel and more travel- last year was discovering lesser known places in the country To pray more, perhaps it is my way of soothing my soul   Shopping Goals To give away things I do not… Continue reading My list of Goals for 2017

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She blossomed into an exotic person, Atleast they told her that, She was hard to comprehend or understand, Yet her touch made them crave more,sometimes worse than the strongest aphrodisiac.   Very few dared to trespass, Some could never understand the magic that was trapped in those brown eyes, Some thought the plain Jane was… Continue reading Wildflower