Urban Tales

Salt & Pepper

She was salt, he was pepper. Nothing about them was perfect or even seemingly alike. She loved single malt with ice and soda, he thought it spoilt the taste. She did not like to rush or do anything in haste. He was from the finance capital of the country and had no time to waste.… Continue reading Salt & Pepper

Urban Tales

Swapping Roles

It seemed as if the grey clouds had taken all of her resolution to wake up that Sunday morning and Sitara was in no mood to wake up. Sitara Gupta with her fair complexion and 5 feet 10 inches height was the long-legged heiress of the legendary Gupta family, greatly pampered by all. Her mother and grandfather’s… Continue reading Swapping Roles

Urban Tales

The Palace Courtyard

The palace hid their desires and masked their greed, But for Prince Madhav it seemed like Urvashi was the only woman he could ever think of, Her quiet demeanor completely changed while he was with her, she cracked the funniest jokes and had opinions on everything in the palace. She studied art and while they… Continue reading The Palace Courtyard


Sunshine Soul: Series 1

The smell in the sari faded over the years, Ma told me it's not the same smell anymore, Her presence I still felt in those walls, in that house. Why do you love Calcutta they asked? Maybe because the city was all about visiting her, My summer holidays, My winter breaks, Durga Pujo, I don't… Continue reading Sunshine Soul: Series 1