Urban Trysts

Perky Days

Initially I thought I would title this article as perky Monday but then decided perhaps to just call it perky days! My resolution to stay off alcohol only needs to be stronger in the weekend because the socializing pattern of our millennial lot that we end up drinking much more alcohol than intended during the… Continue reading Perky Days

Urban Tales

Letters to the guy from Orkut

Dear Mr  Ex-Orkut Guy, You know that morning in Bandra was not just about coffee but you chose to play with words and said yes. Then eventually you walked away that evening saying that I was not of the same community and it would be better to just be friends. You really liked me as a… Continue reading Letters to the guy from Orkut


You win some, you lose some!

There are things worth sharing and things not worth sharing. This one you guys judge, but I have enough comedy and tragedy in real life which is possibly why I see through Smriti's dramatic antics. 1. Mother & I made peace over my choice to study arts and not take up science, it happened via… Continue reading You win some, you lose some!

Urban Tales

Passion Unbridled

Deep passion stirred her, But it was not the sexual tones that flavoured the conversation with her friend last night, Nor was it a scene from a porn clip, because despite being modern Sheila did not like porn, Some of her friends had tried to ease her into watching it but they discovered she was… Continue reading Passion Unbridled